He says: A Standard Banquet Package (Part III)

Here I go again…

6. Complimentary invitations cards for up to 70% of confirmed attendance

Due to Hellen’s new business venture of doing wedding invitation (Pemberley Paperie), we did not consider using the hotel’s standard invitation at all. Being a designer, she is very passionate about having an individualised invitation, and she is into letter-pressed type of invitations right now. Since this business venture is at the infancy stage, ours would be a great sample for future couples. Therefore for us, we traded the invitations for other things.

7. Complimentary cars passes for guests based on 20 – 30% of confirmed attendance

How important this is depends on your crowd. Frankly, not a lot of our friends drive, so it is of low priority.

8. Wedding decorations of stage backdrops

9. Floral centrepieces for all dining tables

I classify the above 2 items under “Wedding Decorations”. From the various pictures Hellen posted before, you can see that she is also very particular about the decorations of the place, including the dining tables. We had a good idea of what Conrad provided and because of what Hellen envisions on the actual day, she suggested new things to be added. The additional colours and flowers could result in money top-up so budget-conscious couples should take note of that.

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