He says: New Things I Learn!

OK, I admit, I am a boring engineer… I am geeky and I liked what normal, typical guys like… video games, comics, watching soccer, taiwan variety shows.. and other stuff that typical people may not appreciate.. wrestling, UFC.. 

So I was amazed at the amount of new things you can learn when you exposed yourself (not the flasher type of expose) to new things. Especially since Hellen is a designer, she knows the different styles and designers out there.. and I am clueless. Vera Wang and Monique Lhuilier just flashed past me last time, but now I found new appreciation for these wedding gowns. As quoted by the Kate Hudson character in ‘Bride Wars’, “You don’t alter Vera Wang; you alter yourself to fit Vera Wang.

So for more clueless GTB out there, here are 2 new things I learnt recently that is related to wedding:

1. Wedding Gown Type:

 I didn’t know that there are different dress shapes (well, I don’t even care what cutting my jeans has!), but after going to the various bridal studios and hearing Hellen asking the owners about A-Line and Chantilly lace, I learn a bit. Personally, I prefer strapless as Hellen is petite and will look cute in that. I will avoid posting pics of gowns here because I am sure she has lots to show from her extensive research.

Check out this link for some quick info about Wedding Dress Shapes: http://www.henryroth.com/tip.php

2. Normal Wedding Photos vs Photojournalism

I do not like the normal wedding photos where people have to pose and the camera seems to be ‘in-your-face’.  That is what I call the usual wedding photos.

What better way to explain what is wedding photojournalism than the experts themselves:Wedding Journalism

 Check the link here for the photojournalist in Singapore: http://www.wpja.com/wedding-photographers/international/asia/singapore-photography.htm

There are a few we are impressed with, and one of my Sec sch friend is a photojournalist now (Mindy Tan)! Highly recommended!

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