She says: Feldberyl Part II

This wedding is very dear to our heart. Hence when we choose our vendor, we make sure this vendor has the qualities we aim for. Of course budget plays a big part, since we are financing our wedding ourselves *with a little help from our folks*. But the bulk of it, is our style. When it comes to photography, it is my style *I admit!*

Some might be satisfied with cheap and good enough *read: not blur can already!* photographer. Winston is also one of those people. Because it’s practical! But not until I presented him the result of my research through WPJA. I literally went through all the 20 plus photographers, before I found Feldberyl. Personally I love vintage , desaturated color tone. The older it looks the better. Winston will question this idea sometimes, but he is alright with it eventually. Initially I like the color tones of a particular photographer. But Feldberyl won me over by the way he captures the moment, not only by the color, which can be achieved by Photoshop. His eyes for small detailing warms me. When I saw his portfolio on the portraiture, I knew I have found my AD photographer. Mind you, he is not cheap. It pinches us to pay that price for an AD photographer, but it’s worth it.

It is unusual, because normally Actual Day photographer will only be booked 3 months before the wedding. Haha…we are an unusual couple I guess..

Some of his works :

Picture 2

Picture 14


Picture 16

2 thoughts on “She says: Feldberyl Part II

  1. although i’m not getting married anytime soon, i got very inspired and touched (almost to tears hahaha!) by Feldberyl’s photos @ their website…I have the same sentiments about that photographer! He must be very expensive…haha. Tx for sharing!

    1. He is ex, but worth it. Although I personally recommend Mindy as I think she is also value for money.

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