She says: Jakarta Trip – Welcome to Beautiful Chaos!!!

This is the second time Winston went to Jakarta and the FIRST time for Winston’s parents. I’ll leave it to him to kiss and tell about his experience. Meanwhile, I’m just going to post some pictures from my crackberry. The first one is the pictures from Sea World trip, in Ancol. We had a good time, seeing giant fish from Amazon, witnessed group of the fiercest piranhas finished their food within 30 sec, had fish spa *it was super ticklish!!but it was worth it considering 20 min cost only SGD$4*

Also Indo trip means meeting my good friends and dearest ppl in my life. In the second pic, I posed with my best couple friend, Ari and Katryn. Katryn is my maid of honor, while her boyfriend, Ari is my childhood friend. We have known each other since kindergarden!


me n friends

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