She says: It is good to share (?)

Is it good to share?

Since I started co-writing this wedding blog, my idea of sharing has been challenged. Most people won’t share or teach the others about their secret or their inspirations, fearing they might lose out if they give it away. Maybe it’s the competitive streak of most Asian. I admit, I also fall into this category. But ever since I started to browse wedding blogs, or listen to talks by great designers, I realized those successful people isn’t afraid to share their insight, inspiration even techniques.

Check out this fantastic wedding blog, that inspires me:

Picture 16

Stephanie is Getting Married

Another great source for insipration by one of my favorite designer, Matt Pyke from Universal Everything. He also happens to be the brain behind the latest MTV worldwide Re-branding.. Check out his inspiring talk here.

One of the author that changed my mindset, the late Paul Arden once said , ” DO NOT COVET YOUR IDEAS, give away everything you know, and more will come back to you”. I consider him the best Creative Director who ever lived.

So as my mindset changed, so does my action, I promise to give away DIY tips I found from others, right here on my wedblog. Stay tuned!!

7 thoughts on “She says: It is good to share (?)

  1. I do agree about the part where we tend not to want to share ideas.. or hold back a little.. it’s in our Asian blood!!

    However, I am eager to share the “knowledge” I gained with friends.. especially those who are going to get married..

    Thanks for sharing your DIY tips.. For good tips, I like to visit Martha Stewart’s wedding website. I love her use of colours. Although, I gotta say that the website gives more ideas on the perfect American wedding.. Not the perfect Singapore wedding.. heh

  2. Hi Dawn,

    Thanks for your comment! you have a lovely wedding blog too!
    You got a point, that some wedding tips are more applicable to American, but i think Singapore wedding bore similar traits with the westerners, aside from the Chinese tradition.
    They are small, more personal, and a lot of rooms to implicate the DIY methods. At least that’s from my point of view of foreigner.

    Unlike for weddings where I came from, where the guests are 1000 people and more..

    What is your wedding theme?

  3. It’s not really a wedding blog. I don’t think I will have time to concentrate on so many blogs. I just blog about anything that comes to mind.. heh. Though I think sometimes preparing for a wedding can be so time-consuming and it sort of takes control of your life. So many things to learn and do.

    I’m in the midst of preparing for the solemnisation and actual day. My actual day is late next year, so I still have time =) but I think we’re sorta restricted to red/white/pink because the hotel we picked will only provide us with red/white/pink roses. How typical right? But we like the location and food (and cost).. so we sorta had to compromise on something. Was thinking of wearing a bright pink or red evening gown.. but that probably depends on whether there are nice red/pink gowns in the bridal studio.

    Where are you from? A dinner with 1,000 guests? I can’t imagine the chaos and logistics of the event. I have a colleague, she’s from South Africa and she had a nice wedding at a school chapel (it helps to have a headmaster for a dad) and had the lunch catered. Think it wasn’t a big group.. So envious.

    My dream wedding would be a nice outdoor wedding with a white tent, a band and nobody yelling “yum sengs” through the mike.. blasting everyone’s eardrums.

  4. hi Dawn,

    So do you consider engaging wedding planner instead? or you re gonna do it yourself?

    I saw your blog.. you’re gonna get married in November rite?


    1. Hi Hellen,

      My solemnisation is in Oct 2009, but most of the prep is done.. just the minor nitty gritty that I have to deal with.

      For the actual day, it is in Nov 2010. So I should think we have plenty of time to plan.. anyway, we have chosen the more pertinent stuff like bridal studio, wedding car, hotel for the banquet. We’ve got more than a year ahead of us.. Should think it will be manageable to do it on my own.

      June 2010 is your banquet date?

  5. Hi-

    Thank you for taking an interest in my blog. I’m glad to hear others getting inspired by my ideas. At first my little blog was just for me, but then I found that the blogging community is about so much more. Good luck in your future endeavors!


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