She says: Shoot in a Summer Breeze

We are looking forward for our upcoming pre-wed photoshoot on November in Taiwan. However, I am also excited about another pre-wed photoshoot, or more popularly known as engagement shoot, which will be shot by our photography-enthusiast friend. It is more laid back, not so “wedding”, focus more on the emotion and the whole mood of the theme.

So we will have the Asian-style pre-wedding shoot in Taiwan (*kawaii*)  and the emo-romantic Western style. It’s a thrill to have both side of the coin! Especially when we are surrounded by cool talented people who make things happen!

One of them is Andrian Pranata. An award-winning art director, stylist cum photographer, of whom I am closely acquainted. He is planning on starting his own studio in the future, so I would be more than happy to experiment together with him. As what come naturally for him as an art director, before any shoot, he will come up with shoot board. And this is what he came up with for me.

H&W Shoot Board-1

Based on my color theme of teal, cream, black and a hint of coral.

H&W Shoot Board-2

when Fred Perry marries Sohpie Albou (from Paul&Joe)..

H&W Shoot Board-3

I love that lacy umbrella. Too bad couldn’t find it anywhere local.. but I have faith on my air-stewardess friends who travel regularly to Europe!

H&W Shoot Board-4

6 thoughts on “She says: Shoot in a Summer Breeze

  1. Hi Hellen, I chanced upon your blog and saw the photo shoot board by Andrian Pranata. It’s so perfect! It’s exactly what I have in mind for my pre-wedding shoot. Just wondering if Andrian is interested in doing pre-wedding shoots?

  2. Hi I chanced this page and really love the idea! How much does he charge? Would love to have a pre-wedding shoot like this..

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