She says: Andy & Susan’s Wedding

Both Winston and I were involved in these dear friends of our’s wedding. The groom is my childhood friend, we have known each other since we were in kindergarten. Our house is walking distance to each other so he used to come to my house back in Jakarta to taste my mother’s delicious bread. How time flies..

So we were excited to help coordinate their wedding. Winston proved himself to be a great wedding coordinator, he was responsive, detailed and a very good communicator. Maybe he should consider to become one himself.  I was responsible for setting up the Sweet Treat booth. Susan, the bride, had many nice ideas for her wedding. Although her wedding is not a big grand wedding, but it was very thoughtful. I love the chair escort card and the place card. It is not common to have place card and escort card for wedding. Most of the wedding coordinator I met, discouraged this practice. They came up with 101 reason why it didn’t work. I almost believe it doesn’t work, until I saw theirs.

The booths set up were the sweet treat, polaroid station and the feathery wishes for the lovely couple. It was these small gestures that sets off the mood for the whole wedding.

I shared with you the photos taken by the talented Andrian, an up and coming wedding photographer. Check out his website here and if you’re looking for pre-wed/actual day shoot, check out his site before he gets too expensive!

Andy & Susan's Wedding

3 thoughts on “She says: Andy & Susan’s Wedding

  1. Thanks a lot for helping.

    Winston was so composed during the event, I felt completely relax..

    Special thanks for you, Katryn, Irene, and Andrian’s for all the little things that helped the celebration to be as intimate as it was.

    Now it’s you and Winston’s turn, after that Ari and Katryn’s turn…

    Let me know if we can help you in any part of the wedding ok?


    1. The escort chair is their name and the Table number. In the place card is also their name but in their chair. ^_^

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