She says: My Preference of Videography, Super 8mm Film

Winston has posted his preferred wedding videography here . So now is my turn!

I love the genuine vintage feel of Super 8mm video. This is not a video effect or some plug ins from After Effects. Although it is impossible to find wedding videographer that does Super 8 in Singapore, I believe some video art student or film art junkies will still have it. I once got hold of it during my study in art school.

Super 8mm was released in 1965 and till now is still surviving, though there is only 1 manufacturing company left in France who produce it.


by Kevin Von Qualen

4 thoughts on “She says: My Preference of Videography, Super 8mm Film

  1. Hey guys, nice to see there are other guys out there like me who are planning so much for weddings. It makes me feel less odd in a way. Good luck for your Proposal by the way, its almost time for mine too after a year of planning. =D

    1. Actually the proposal is long over… must be the long-winded way I am writing this that caused you to misunderstand. Anyways, there are guys who are into wedding too! It is manly to be interested in what your other half is passionate in.

    1. Thank you for visiting, Kevin!

      Love your Super 8 film.. if we ever decide to do a Super 8 videography, you will be the first one on the list!


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