He says: Useful Documents for Weddings

After some hiatus due to busyness of life, I am back with a short post.. Hellen wanted me to just post some of the documents we used in the preparation of our wedding, which includes the budget sheet and guestlists. Here I am putting out the blank and de-sensitised version of the documents.

Budget Planner


Guestlist PlannerGuestlist_Planner-Blank

I am only able to upload the pdf version on this blog, so feel free to email us at winstonhellen@gmail.com and we can send you the excel version, so that all the formulas will be in place for your usage.

And check out ianphography’s blog  (linked from the blogroll too). He is our dear friend and he is doing lots of great photoshoots lately, got to check it out!

Promise to post other stuff that provides inspiration in the next few posts! We have seen lots of things and we are going to Taiwan for our Bluebay photoshoot in less than a month!

Wedding Countdown Ticker

Countdown to Wedding Day (19-06-10): 244 days

19 thoughts on “He says: Useful Documents for Weddings

  1. Hi, could I have the template in excel too?? Thanks for sharing…. And do you have any emcee script in English and Mandrain to share??? Thanks….

  2. dear helen and winston, your wedding is amazing!!
    if you don’t mind, may i also have a copy of the wedding budget spreadsheet too?
    many thanks 🙂

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