She says: Preparing for the Big Day

Ever since we started this blog, I received comments from fellow brides-to-be, saying that they are glad to see somebody else is also preparing intensively for her wedding. Some even said, it makes her feel less odd…

It gets me thinking, seems like it deems “odd” to go the extra mile for your wedding preparation. I often get a lot of amazed look from friends and vendors when I show them my wedding file.  I have never prepared wedding before (*duh), so I have no idea how others prepared their wedding. I guess, creating your own moodboard and researching for every single things, is not common and worse, you get labelled Bridezilla! I like this blog from an amazing lady who is not afraid to call herself Bridezilla, her blog is super-detailed and resourceful! Check it out here.

I am used to doing inspiration board, color palette, sketches because of my background. So it is expected of me. What is extra ordinary, is if you are an accountant and you do an inspiration board. You get a bravo from me!

So, dear readers, how would you prepare your wedding? If you don’t have the luxury of time, best if you can hire a wedding designer to do all of these for you!

*Maybe I should consider to be one…*

Here are some excerpt from my journal, and wedding folder. Winston bought me a gorgeous white wedding file from kikki.k, “My” series. Thank you dear!

wedding journal

Update : Since then I have been helping brides preparing their own wedding through Rosette Designs & Co

5 thoughts on “She says: Preparing for the Big Day

  1. Hello, hello! Bridezilla leaving a calling card here…thanks for the shout out! 😀

    My gosh you are even more detailed. My wedding notebooks number THREE at the moment. Full of cuttings, charts, etc. A bit obsessive, much? But you are super-organised…bravo! Gold Star from Bridezilla. We should form a club. Or a company doing this.

    Keep blogging!



    1. Hi Miss Panda,

      Yeah we should form a club of self-professed Bridezilla!
      I love your writing style, so witty! haha

      for me, I leave the writing part to my other half while I’m sketching and design…


  2. Wow! That’s an amazing file you have. But then I read somewhere that it’s good to be organized and have a compilation of all details you want, because it decreases stress as you understand more of what you want to happen. My wedding file is yet so bare, since, yeah, like you it’s my first time to organize a wedding, so thanks a lot for posting pics of your file. It gives me more idea on what to put in mine. 🙂

    1. Hi Sophia, wedding file really helped me to focus on the theme or the style I am going for. Also when you meet vendors, it’s easier to explain and help the vendor to visualize too. I also have my wedding journal where I jot down ideas and planning.

      I hope I don’t have to plan my second wedding!! I’m sticking with one wedding for a lifetime *by the grace of God*

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