She says: Edited Photoshoot (Taiwan)

After we finished our photoshoot in Taiwan, we asked for the RAW file from our photographer, Kiwi. I have certain preferences on how my photo should looks like. Being a designer, I have the advantage to be able to tweak the color as how I want it to be (aka: Photoshop skill)

However, I gave up the idea of editing my Taiwan shoot, since the weather should be just as beautiful as it is, right?


The weather was nothing like we expected. Rain and clouds became our main backdrop. Instead of clear blue sky, we have foggy and chilling sky. Instead of our original route (which have beach, farm and white building), we had 100 years old magnificent broken bridge and terracota castle-like cafe.

So now I have the freedom to edit my photos the way I always like, vintage, olden times and graphical.

It’s not like your typical cheery pre-wedding photo, but it is ours. (Hey, I do try to conform to the mainstream, I guess it’s nature’s call)

The picture above is our album cover. I love the misty feeling. Kiwi said this effect will not be possible without the fog.

I only edited these 5 pictures. The rest of my photos will be like the usual pre-wed photo setting.

I am not that hardcore after all.

3 thoughts on “She says: Edited Photoshoot (Taiwan)

  1. Hi,

    We need some help here.

    We would like to find out more for Blue Bay Photography as my husband and I would like to have our wedding photoshoot overseas.

    We would appreciate if you could reply me via e-mail and advise us on what are the things we should take note for overseas photoshooting.

    Do you have the contact for Singapore branch?

    Thanks and have a nice day!

  2. Hi, I understand what you mean by being a designer and was tempted to tweak the colours. Cos I am a designer as well. Haha. Very tempted to DI the photos to make myself look slimmer too. Haha. Glad to know I am not alone.

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