She says: Save the Date!

6 months to our nuptial! I am a little nervous. So many things that I want to do myself, but some have to wait until nearer the date. However I think I will give up some projects, and leave it to the experts, such as the florist, etc! I will meet a few florists these few weeks.

Meanwhile, it’s time to send the Save the Date. Albeit my busy schedule, juggling day job, Pemberley Paperie, church, etc, I managed to finish our Save the Date. I have too many ideas for Save the Date, so I did two! One for the reception and the other one for the Holy Matrimony.

So much for being busy, eh..

We are not going to print it. Save the environment! Go digital.

By : Pemberley Paperie  –

4 thoughts on “She says: Save the Date!

  1. Hi Hellen, I’ve been following your blog and getting so much inspiration from your beautiful, creative ideas! Thanks for sharing them. These save the dates are both beautiful – I especially love the 2nd.

    Just to quickly point out, in case someone hasn’t already, the mistake in the second invitation says “is getting married” and I believe the correct grammatical phrase would be “are getting married”. Good luck on the rest of your preparations!

  2. Hi Charlene,

    Thank you for visiting our blog and also for pointing it out!

    I didn’t notice it as I was doing it until 2 am.. haha

    Thanks again!

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