She says: Our Pre-Wed Photo – Blue-Bay, Taiwan

We have received our edited pre-wed pictures last week. Although it’s supposed to be a surprise on the actual day, we decided to give a sneak preview for the sake of the readers who might not have the chance to see the actual album.

Looking at the pictures, we are actually quite pleased with the outcome. We must really thank our fantastic photographer and make up artist, as well as the DI artist ( I wish my arms are that lean! haha!). If you followed our story in Taiwan, you will know our disappointment with the weather. But thank God, the pictures came out great. Of course, I wish I have more landscape or blue sky or nice white building, but Winston always says, “Regret is a waste of time!”

So no regrets!

Here are the pictures, enjoy!

10 thoughts on “She says: Our Pre-Wed Photo – Blue-Bay, Taiwan

    1. Hi Princess Panda!

      We do love our pictures, though it’s different from what we expected. In a good way.

  1. Hi, nice photos taken at Taiwan. I have also just booked a package with bluebay. May I know when you were there, did you book your own hotel and if yes, which hotel did you stay/would recommend?

    I am planning to use the hotel provided by blue bay for the first two days, but will book another hotel for the subsequent days in Taipei.

    1. We stayed in Grande Hotel in Shilin Market, provided by BlueBay and we stayed through out our stay.

      It’s a good location.

  2. Hihi I’m planning to go Tw for pre wedding shoot too.. Could I check when you went, I totally love the flowers in full bloom.. Also which flower field/ garden did you go too? Thanks!

    1. Hi Sheryl, we went to a flower field in Taizhong… I forgot the exact name of the place though… This type of flower fields and plantations can be found throughout Taiwan… Taipei has as well.

  3. hi, the photos are really great. If I may ask, can you give me the price list individually for;
    1. prewed photoshoot and video
    2. wedding photoshoot and video

    I am getting married next year and i would like to use bluebay.

    1. Hi Silvia, you can go to their shop at Capitol Building for better information. We signed up last year May, so the price might not applicable now.
      Sorry about it! But you are feel free to ask about the package..

      They dont have prewed video though…

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