She says: Booth #1 – Desserts Bar

We envisioned our Holy Matrimony to be romantic, rustic, yet fun and full of activities for the guests. We have prepared 4 booths to entertain the guests and best yet, live music.

We are going to talk about them individually. So start with the first one :


Personally I am not a big fan of candies or cookies. I don’t have a sweet tooth. In fact the bitterer (if there’s such a word) the chocolate the better. I love Royce dark chocolate and 85% dark chocolate Winston bought from Stockholm.

However, girls love desserts for different reason, and for me, it’s visually stunning and creatively fertile. Check out these gorgeous desserts bar.

The top row is from : Bake It Pretty via one of my fave blogs Inspired Bride

The second row images are from the desserts bar guru, Amy Atlas. She’s the best so far!

It’s my inspiration for desserts bar as the color theme matches mine. They even have the DIY version of everything. What’s not to love about it?

Bringing it closer to home, here are some of the desserts bar from local wedding planners (Singapore). Although it’s still a growing interest, no doubt they are gonna get bigger!

Top row : from Heaven’s Gift – Very nice candy corner!

Bottom row : from The Ivory Loft

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