She says: Our Classic Wedding Band

Wedding band is the one that goes beyond our wedding day to God-knows-when, as long as we both shall live (hopefully). So, it must be something that we will love regardless of the current trend!

The answer is simply to choose something classic and timeless…

… and we did.

So here’s the story behind it :

Since our wedding theme is revolving around Tiffany’s theme, either the color or the theme (Breakfast at Tiffany’s), it’s just right to first visit Tiffany & Co. Their wedding band collection is pure simple and classic round platinum, only few have diamonds. I fell in love with the one with milgrain edge and no diamonds. We didn’t buy that day as we are still considering due to the cost (it almost doubles from other platinum-milgrain edge ring) and it is rather thin (2 mm).

Second attempt is online at BlueNile . They have a great selection of rings for a superb price. Good review and easy purchase. They also have milgrain edge platinum ring. My choice of ring has no problem but Winston’s ring is much more expensive, twice the price of mine. I am fine, but he’s not fine with such an expensive ring.

(One of our friends has a tragic story of accidentally losing his wedding ring to the garbage bin while throwing rubbish in his HDB!)

Third option and the most convenient is the jewelry chains. However, most of the jewelry chains I went to, have a more fancy and modern collection. Seems like squarish ring is in trend now, which is not my taste. Working near Plaza Singapura does help when it comes to looking for a ring, they have a few jewelry shops in the first floor. Once in a while I will check out the wedding band during my lunch time.

Among all of them, only Soo Kee have a classic collection, and better still they have milgrain edge-platinum ring.

After visiting the shop for 6 times in 2 months, we finally decided the time is now to buy THE RING. You Chun, Winston’s best man was also there to give his opinion. I was torn between a diamond ring that compliments my engagement ring or the classic milgrain-edge ring. It was hard!! But knowing my tendency to get bored easily, I stuck to my original favorite, milgrain edge.

The design has perfect thickness and perfect price! (a pair equals to one Tiffany ring)

Winston has always preferred milgrain edge no matter what I choose. So an identical pair makes a perfect wedding band!

(My engagement ring is also from Soo Kee!)

Additional bonus : a nice vintage looking ring box.

This is our Ring Cage with the box inside the cage. I will do a special post on this DIY ring cage. There are more things to do than just the cage and the box!

8 thoughts on “She says: Our Classic Wedding Band

  1. You made the right choice. I have two bands, one with diamonds to match the engagement ring, and the other is just a plain gold band. I wear the plain one most of the time because it’s comfy and I don’t have to worry about knocking one of the diamonds out. I get the most wear out of the plain band. So yeah, smart decision! 🙂

  2. Hi Helen,
    Congratulation on your marriage!~I am looking for milgrain edge wedding band all over Singapore, only a few chain stores (L & C) come pretty close to the Tiffany design. Could you tell me where you bought it and approx how much? I couldn’t find this in any Soo Kee outlets.Thanks!~

    1. Hi Bryan, we bought our milgrain wedding band last year in Soo Kee, maybe the season has passed. The price is half the Tiffany band. So if you buy 1 tiffany band of the same design, you got 2 of Soo Kee rings. Both Milgrain edge. All the best for your search!

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