She says: Most Beautiful Vows

Wedding vow is supposed to be your own vow. But most of the people used templates to just get it over with.
I have nothing against that, since it happened in most of the weddings I attended.

But why not make it personal. Especially if you are a Christian and you are making a vow in front of God and your beloved. Why go by the book and not by heart?

Enough said. Watch this for yourself. I have never teared watching a stranger’s wedding vow, until now…

Both Yanuar & Yosan are both Chinese-Indonesian, and this was held in Jakarta. Both are members of JPCC (my church in Jakarta!). Solemnized by my favorite Indonesian pastor, Jeffrey Rachmat.

The video is done by the Axioo team. Axioo is the hottest wedding photographer in Jakarta right now. His work is really beautiful and single-handedly leveled up wedding photography in Jakarta (by quality and price list!)

I will make sure both Winston and I write our own vows!

4 thoughts on “She says: Most Beautiful Vows

    1. Hi Rebecca,
      the song called ” When God Made You”- i am not sure of the singer, but you can check in youtube!



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