She says: Breakfast at Tiffany’s Wedding

As a self-professed vintage lover, I am a big fan of Ms Hepburn. I watched most of her famous movies, from Roman Holiday to My Fair Lady. But who could miss Breakfast at Tiffany’s?

It’s the ultimate Audrey Hepburn movie.

Although Truman Capote (the author of Breakfast at Tiffany’s ) disapproved of her participation because he wanted Marilyn Monroe to play that part, Audrey’s chic persona will forever inspired girls, with pearls and her little black dress.

Having a sentimental background, I wanted to use this theme for my wedding.

It is not a popular color for Chinese wedding. In fact it might be a-no-no for the superstitious, but since both our family has no “pantang” or taboo color, we decided to use black-white-tiffany blue as the main color theme.

Black and white are the most gorgeous color combination. Timeless and chic. My favorite colors in which is reflected in many of my clothes and accessories.

But for wedding?

I know many will fret over this decision, including my hotel coordinator. I adore her in every way (she’s the most sophisticated banquet coordinator I’ve ever met) except her disapproval of my color theme. Although I have tiffany blue in the color palette, her stand remains. “Pantang”, argues her. I still haven’t tell her yet, that I am determined to use it.

I did my moodboard in the early stage of wedding preparation. Before everything starts to roll, this is the first moodboard I produced.

PS : I went to Tiffany & Co to pick up their catalog and collaged it! ^_^

4 thoughts on “She says: Breakfast at Tiffany’s Wedding

  1. i stumbled upon your blog today while goggling for wedding outdoor venues. truly inspirational. the theme/colour/details are just divine and tastefully done. i feel like i have a found a treasure trove of wonderful advice, at times, it almost feels like reading a diary of a close friend. i really enjoyed reading about the proposal, just goes to show that ingenuity and persistance goes a long way! congratulations 🙂 and thank you for sharing this site.

    1. Thank you Caitlin! You just made our day! All the best for your preparation! Do share ur wedding as well..if you have blog or pictures.


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