She says: Pre-Wedding Pictures by Ian Photography

Some of you might remember Andrian, the photographer from our previous posts. He was an award-winning art director in one of the multinational ads agency. He is young, talented, and tired of the demanding nature of advertising industry. So when I asked him to take my pre-wedding pictures, he took it by heart and run with it.

He created a detailed shoot board for us, with the same treatment of a commercial shoot. I posted it here and fate took its course. A like-minded couple saw our blog and engaged Andrian for their pre-wedding shoot. With much confidence, Andrian decided to drop his stressful-high-paid job and go fulltime as a wedding photographer. I heard a similar case from Wansheng (aka Feldberyl ), but Andrian is a young and ambitious risk-taker. He didn’t wait for long before securing more jobs and collecting gorgeous portfolios.

I trusted him, knowing he has similar taste with me and my fondness for Max Wanger’s style. He really has the eyes and gesture as professional photographer. Who knew he just did this for few months!

I am proud to present you our second pre-wedding shoot by Ian Photography.

Love the color and the angles!

Please go to his website to view his other gorgeous works!

3 thoughts on “She says: Pre-Wedding Pictures by Ian Photography

  1. Oh this is gorgeous, truly! Just like the dreamy photos I’d see in Oncewed, Snippet & Ink, etc. Well done! 😀

  2. Hi Hellen, don’t think I have dropped by to properly say thank you for introducing us to Andrian! We love our pre-wedding shoot photos and so do our friends. All the best for your wedding preps! =)

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