She says: Outdoor Invitation Design (finally)

As I have posted in a previous post, I run a small wedding and event invitation business with my girlfriends, called Pemberley Paperie. Ironically, I am too busy doing other people’s invitation that I almost neglected my own invitation! It is very hard for me to narrow down to a certain style of design, so I created 2 distinctive designs for holy matrimony and wedding banquet. One is cheerful and fun while the other is classy and understated chic.

Currently both is ongoing production and both will be letterpressed! I am so excited about it.

Let me share with you a sneak peek of my invitation and the maps.. I love cute maps!

It is inspired by the pinwheel rosettes decoration that I made. Currently I am planning to make 50-100 rosettes to be hang on the white tiffany chairs. I’ll talk about it next time. Here is the samples of the rosette:

Here is the map of OMSQ. I did all the drawings and the cute buildings. It looks a bit complicated.. i tried my best to simplify it!

Our lovely envelopes are almost ready!

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