She says: Banquet Details – DIY Table Number

Almost 2 months to go, I am finalizing the details of both outdoor matrimony and banquet. So far I am still having fun planning for our wedding. The best part is yet to come. Details are my favorite parts, I love zooming into the small details like the dessert bar’s labels, bridesmaids gifts, table number for banquet, etc.

I love thematic event! all the details are consistent. So do my table numbers, it matches with my invitation!

So just a sneak peek… here are my lovely table numbers.

4 thoughts on “She says: Banquet Details – DIY Table Number

    1. Hi Kookidoe, I ordered these from Art Friends. They don’t come in black. If you want black color frame, I suggest to try IKEA’s frame. They’re quite sturdy, nice and simple. All the best!

      1. Yep I love the IKEA ones but they’re $6.90 a pop :S what do you intend to do with the frames after they’ve outlived their wedding purpose? Haha

  1. These frames can be my inventory for future use. If not I will have a section of photo gallery in my new house. You can also give it away as present..

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