She says: Busy Week – Gown Fitting

This week had been the busiest week for our wedding preparation. Started with Sunday- second last fitting for my MTM gown and night gown selections at Di Gio, Monday-meeting with Jane, our florist, Wednesday-food tasting in Conrad and trial mock up, Thursday- Invitation arrives partially from Pemberley, Saturday-Food Tasting with Kriston.

I tried a few dresses and they were not quite as fantastic as it should have been. I am not a big fan of ball gown, but judging by the size of our ballroom, there is a need to choose a more prominent dress. I envy girls with longer posture, they can carry a sheath dress and still look gorgeous.

Here are some of the dresses I tried, a few of these are my final dress. But I am not gonna reveal the color yet, so enjoy the monotone version for now.

I will write about the mockup trial and food tasting in the next post! Stay tuned!

5 thoughts on “She says: Busy Week – Gown Fitting

  1. Hi, coincidentally, i’m also a digio bride and has a MTM with Casey. I was wondering hw did the 2nd gown fitting turned out? Becos i went for my 1st and have certain reservations with mine and has feedback to C. I hope its not too late to make changes to it. 😦

    Anyway, reading your blog has inspired me greatly and think you did a great job with your wedding prep.

    I like to know an estimate in pricing for 150 invites for my wedding theme (hollywood glamour in gold, red and aqua). I will require both chinese and english though. thanks.

    1. Hi Val,

      Thanks for the compliment! We try to do as much as we can, within our own capability. Glad we can share and be an (accidental) inspiration! haha

      Actually for Di Gio, I personally think their OTR gowns are nicer.. for MTM, its kinda hard to judge..
      I had to reconstruct the gown for the first few fitting, bec it doesnt resemble the gown I want.

      Well.. my choice of gown is Monique Lhuillier, so cant expect they will do exactly (I just realized that). But they are willing to change it until I like it.

      I went for almost 5 fittings..and thats not final yet..hopefully the final fitting will be just the perfect dress..*fingers cross*

      My suggestion is stick to your preference until you satisfied, don’t give in.

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