She says: 2 Months to Go – Additional Elements

2 more months to our wedding! So excited yet nervous. After all that we have prepared, suddenly it doesn’t feel enough. Seems like we have created an inevitable bar of expectation for our guests and our readers. We have seemed to do a lot, but actually the things we do are detail-oriented and on a small scale. Our inspiration board speaks louder than the actual execution.

I became very nervous when I envisioned my outdoor wedding with whatever we have right now. We have imposed on us a huge challenge. The venue is a blank canvas.

We can’t hang anything (one broken branch will cost us  SGD 500 according to National Parks Council). We also don’t have big budget for decor, so the flower is kept in rustic feel and in cluster-small size. Tents can be quite cold without any decoration. We did paper rosettes but they are small. The impact is in a different zone. I need something big and visible.

So I decided to go on something along our theme of white-tiffany-fun-handmade.

Balloon. Big Balloon. Think Martha Stewart in Summer edition. Think Amy Atlas and her white dessert table.

via The Girl

So I looked for this kind of non glossy-big-36″ balloon in Singapore. The first attempt is not very successful. The sales person suggested to use the normal balloon which is very cost-effective ($1.50/pc). When I explained to her the balloon I want, she said:

“Haaa.. very big ahh.. are you suree? Smaller better lah! Very big, you knoww! For wedding right? No lahh.. too big, girl..”

Err… and finally she quoted me.  SGD 50/ pcs.

How can that be possible!

I am determined to find my way to get these balloons. It’s the perfect solution to my non-hang situation.

Wish me luck!

2 thoughts on “She says: 2 Months to Go – Additional Elements

  1. Hi dear,

    I’ve been reading your blog! Hahaha and it makes me feel super excited for your wedding!

    Anyways did you try Bugis for the balloons? Those ulu shops that stock party stuff.. theres one on Liang Seah street too I think! If you need any directions call me 🙂

    1. Hi Hanni,

      Thanks!!Long time no see you! Hope u re doing great.

      Yeah, I went there but they don’t have the color that I want. But I managed to get contacts for this balloon. haha.. just thinking about the cheapest and most efficient way to transport them.

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