She says: Things to do (still)

4 weeks to go and we still need to settle some things. Most of these things are more our “wants” than “needs”, and most of the stuff is for our outdoor wedding. We are really enjoying this wedding, don’t we? *grin*

  • Booklet for Matrimony
  • Cotton Candy Machine
  • Backdrop for Photobooth
  • Props for photobooth
  • Cupcakes
  • Lanterns for cocktail table
  • Special montage
  • Sparkles for send offs

Pure indulgence! Wedding is only once in lifetime, so if it’s possible strive for whatever you want!

*provided the budget allowed, ours already burst by the way*

2 thoughts on “She says: Things to do (still)

  1. cupcake in the pic takes at least 3 days to make. The butterfly sugar craft take at least 1 day to set. I just attended the sugar craft lesson with 2 of my CG girls.
    How many cupcakes do u need?

    1. Hi Nat, I am still thinking whether to get the cupcakes or not, I am contemplating between cupcakes and cotton candy machine.. Sounds fun, Nat, go to sugar craft lesson! Thanks!

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