She says: Groom’s Attire

So much for the bride, now the limelight is on the groom! I will share with you our inspiration for the groom and his men.

Since our wedding will be a tree wedding *if the weather permits, of course*, we will have a casual dress code. No long train, no tuxedo, no bling, just simple white wedding dress and vest- tie for the groom.

We love this pic!

(via rsvpmylove via oweddingdays )

Winston loves the vest and jeans for the matrimony. But since Winston’s uncle who is officiating our wedding is from a Methodist church, we need to be more conservative. So bye-bye jeans!

Here is our inspiration for Groom’s Attire!

Sorry, but I totally forget where I found these gorgeous pictures. You can state the source here if you know!

Want to share this nice article for Utterly Engaged

via Oh Joy

17 more days to our Wedding!

6 thoughts on “She says: Groom’s Attire

  1. Hi Hellen,

    Where did you get the vest from? I saw from your final pictures that your husband is wearing one.
    Right now we’re looking but its hard to find nice vests here.

    1. Hi Maureen, the vest is part of our package with Di Gio. If you didn’t sign up with bridal studio, I think you can tailor made the vest and pants. Peninsula Plaza have a pool of good and reasonable tailors.

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