She says: Wedding Banquet Pictures!!

Finally the wait is over!! Wansheng from Feldberyl has delivered the rest of the pictures and it’s all gorgeous! He might be one of our most expensive vendors we engaged, but it is worth every penny. All the while we posted our outdoor wedding, because we have lotsa photos from our friends, but during our banquet, the guests enjoyed the programs so much they didn’t bother to take pictures.

I have to admit that I treated my outdoor wedding more like a pilot project of my long term plan. However, the wedding banquet is a treat for ourselves. I enjoyed our banquet more than the day before. We both really loved our banquet. So did our guests. The feedback was tremendous. We took care of every single details and thanks to our wonderful coordinator, Lily and our dear helpers everything was well executed.

Here are the photos! We will post on the detail of the programs on the next post.

First March-in highlights :

  • Video of Childhood +Couple Montage (watch it here)
  • Cake cutting

Second March-In highlights:

  • Video Highlights of the Holy Matrimony the day before (watch it here)
  • Champagne Popping & Pouring
  • Yam Seng Toast
  • Maid of Honor Speech & Toast
  • Video dedication for Groom (watch it here)
  • First Dance
  • Couple’s Thank You Speech for Parents & Guests

More posts on the details soon!

4 thoughts on “She says: Wedding Banquet Pictures!!

  1. Hi! sorry for leaving a msg like this. Can you help us by sending us your package for Conrad pls? Thanks a lot..

    1. Well, I am sorry but I think our package right now is really outdated, a price based on 2 years ago. I will recommend you contact their wedding coordinators, especially Catheryn (if she’s still there), to obtain the newest updated prices.

    1. We did not have 30 tables, I think it was 27 – 28 tables. Our dance floor was not that big actually… but it was enough. Apologies for the late reply though.

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