She says: Best of Outdoor Wedding

We had 2 photographers for our actual day, Feldberyl and Ian Photography. It was meant for different purposes based according to their strength. Both have strong aesthetic values and softer feel that I like, yet they churned out different style of pictures.I love the spontaneity that Wansheng (Feldberyl) captured, he basically recorded the mood of the moments as it is. He has eye for great unnoticed moments. But Ian from Ian Photography shot most of my money shots. Thanks to his advertising background, he naturally captured each picture with commercial added value.You can see his work for Pemberley here

Now, this is the last outdoor pictures of my wedding. After this, we will move on to new and exciting topics with Diary & Design Wedding. This wedding is one of the projects of Diary & Design under the category of Full Planning (Chapter THREE) or if you are interested just for the design look and coordination, look for Chapter ONE.


If you interested in renting the typewwriter or the LOVE plates, go to the SALE AND RENTAL page!

We danced the night away and ended with row of sparkles. Best night ever….

6 thoughts on “She says: Best of Outdoor Wedding

  1. Hey babe! You look so gorgeous and the whole setup is so perfect! I have some ques for you regarding outdoor wedding so hopefully you can help? Email me if it’s no trouble! Thanks! πŸ™‚

  2. hello again!

    thanks for your reply on your first dance post. your matrimony day looks amazing! pretty much like what I would have loved to do for our wedding πŸ™‚ but since my mum strongly resisted having a wedding in a non-airconditioned venue…it’s not happening! πŸ˜‰

    glad to see you’re doing wedding planning.. you’ve got the talent!

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