She says: Behind the Scene

I realize, I put a lot of nice, beautiful pictures of my wedding, but not the unsightly pictures (wth??!). So when all the pictures finally arrived, I decided to share some of the not-so-glams, but it’s still memorable.

By the way, no decoration involved….

The Haggling Session begins..

It was a guaranteed fun session with the cheeky and creative bridesmaids and jie meis.

Heart Breaking Moments Caught on Camera

My mom couldn't hold her tears anymore when I whispered, "This song is for you" while Serene sang "Mother How Are You Today". It was her favorite song. Priceless.

My mother is not the emo type. She is one of the most independent women I’ve met in my life. She detests crying in public, so she always avoid sensitive topics. But this moment caught her off-guard.

Thank you, Wansheng for your good instinct. That’s why we hired him.

We had our little "sister-conflict" and was resolved as soon as usual.
Drama!! Where's the ribbon???Just use this one!

No wedding is perfect without the drama behind it.


2 Generations of Lie Sunaryo

this is a good contrast...

Wow.. so many good pictures! I will slowly post by their category..

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