She says: Up Wedding – Lynette & James

I love themed wedding, especially one that was inspired by movie. This wedding is uber-gorgeous and cute. I covered their pre-wedding shoot here, that was based on the Pixar movie: UP! Their wedding topped their sweet pre-wedding shoot.

Because of the popularity of their pre wedding shoot, the producer and writer of Up got word of it and they love the shoot. Pete Docter and Jonas Rivera (writer and producer of the movie UP!) sent Lynnette and James a customized hand drawing based on them and a little note about how much they loved their engagement photos. Wedding Chicks was responsible for this rad gesture.

Wedding blog is a powerful tool to get your work out there!

Enuff said, enjoy the whimsical and magical wedding pictures here. What a lovely wedding! via Wedding Chicks

Love the customized cake topper! They even have the miniature of the bunting!

Since the wedding is based on the movie Up, they also used the idea of picnic, soda pop and balloon. The guests sat down under a colorful mat during the ceremony. Although it might not happened in Singapore, but this idea is really cool for a laid back and intimate wedding

They also displayed the props from their pre-wedding shoot. The miniature house they build for this!

See more of their wedding picture from Wildflower Photography here.

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