She says: small Idea, BIG Impact – Table Number

I am so blessed that I could do what I love as part of my work. Details and creative ideas always thrill me. Especially implementing that idea for your client. I am currently in the midst of preparing table number design for one of our clients. This sweet and candid couple love candles and tall centerpiece. This elements will be the prominent items in their wedding. I am planning to customize a unique table number that match the mood.

By the way, I am a wedding designer under the umbrella of Diary & Design Wedding, for your info..

With the guidance of my guru, Martha Stewart, I embarked on my quest of candle table number. I will post the result when it’s done.

I did my share in creating my own table number.
Table number for one of our client. It has the similar graphic for menu and reception card

In case you are flabbergasted on the idea of buying 25-30 photo frames, you can simply rent it here!

Meanwhile, here are some samples of table number design that can inspire you! Be a creative bride and opt for well-designed table number, instead of your usual hotel-own-table-number.

2 thoughts on “She says: small Idea, BIG Impact – Table Number

    1. I heard this in the Social Network: “Our students invent jobs, not go out and look for jobs.”

      If you want to be a wedding designer, I guess the sky’s the limit for you. Chase your dreams!

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