She says: Green Lovelies at Hort Park

Last December we did a special wedding in Hort Park. The couple wants an eco-friendly wedding, while still maintaining the aesthetic of the wedding. The venue was challenging as they can only use the Multi Purpose Hall (MPH) despite of having it in Hort Park. They booked the beautiful Lawn in front of MPH, only to discover we couldn’t use it unless we cover the grass.

Nevertheless we managed to put a lovely eco-friendly wedding, using green apples, baby breaths and rustic potted plants. Since the couple are Christian, I designed special tags containing 9 fruits of the Holy Spirit, pinned 0n the apples. Lovelies!

The key to conquer such bare and raw venue is to be consistent with the design and add special details.

Enjoy the pics and more pictures in Rosette Designs & Co facebook page. Don’t forget to like us, if you like what you see.

We used bamboos covered with wedding ferns and baby breaths on the stage

5 thoughts on “She says: Green Lovelies at Hort Park

  1. hi, i love your decor for the wedding at Hort Park! I will be having my wedding at the same venue and the theme i have in mind is very similiar to this: gold, green, mustard, cream and earthy colors. May I enquire on your rates?

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