We say: (Secret) Dream Comes True!

We have been waiting for Style Wedding magazine’s September issue for a month after our interview. In the initial stage of our wedding preparation, we secretly wishing that our wedding will be featured in a magazine one day. It didn’t happen on the year we got married, only a year after that, our vendor called us asking if we are interested to be featured, since the theme of the issue is vintage. Yay!

For those of you who wonder how to get featured in bridal magazine, it is actually more complicated than having a very nice looking wedding. It also has to do with whom you engage. Anyway, we are really happy that 2 of our vendors approached us at the same time, without knowing each other’s intention.

A big shout out to Jasmine, who wrote the article so descriptively and positively. Also Adeline from Alvinadeline Weddings & Wansheng from Feldberyl for their referral.

Although there’s a small hiccup (but with big impact!) of our blog address, instead of welovelaughkiss.wordpress.com, it written as welaughwekiss.wordpress.com, we managed to salvage the situation by creating a page with the wrong blog address and direct it to this one! Problem solved!

For you who didn’t have access to Spore’s Bridal magazine, here you go!

2 thoughts on “We say: (Secret) Dream Comes True!

  1. Hi,

    My friend is planning to have a wedding at chalet in February 2012. Do you mind to share with us some your chalet decoration picture?


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