She says: Uber Chic Wedding @ Yacht

Some of you might know that I am closely linked to Ian Photography. This creative and fast growing company grew together with this blog as we were his first client back then. Of course it doesn’t hurt that Ian was one of my disciples in church and Irene is my sister. I took credit for matchmaking them at the earlier stage. Now the link is further deepened with their marriage! Check out the pics here at Rosette Designs & Co gallery

I am really proud of this uber creative couple. Seeing them grow and blossomed as a couple and as business partners is a privilege. Nothing short of drama, sometimes thrilling, inspiring yet challenging. Mixing love and business can be a real pain in the marriage. Theirs wasn’t immune to it either. However, thank God that despite all the drama, they decided to put business and differences aside. Love conquers all.

Always a fan of their works, I knew their wedding will be picture perfect! Shoot by their second line, Bunny&Co, their wedding is ultra chic. Salute to the couple who always dares to be themselves and not confined by tradition & pressures. Love every bits of the details, starting from their wedding e-invite.

Irene & Ian came up with the theme Sail Away, with white & Navy blue as the main color. The decor & design is super chic! The wedding favor is sailor hat for female and bow tie for male. All the guests followed the color theme closely. The result was picture perfect wedding!

Winston & I, Dad, Mom, Ian, Irene, Imelda, Trisia & Bro Will

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