She Says: Have a Lovely Year Ahead!

No doubt 2012 has been the most interesting and life-changing year for me so far. We have a few additions to our little family, a cute baby and a capable helper. I’d never imagined myself to be one of those mothers who is pushing a stroller with a helper following behind. It is perfectly fine and increasingly becoming a common sight in Spore. It’s a norm in Indo to have a Suster (nanny) to take care of your newborn. I grew up with helpers too. Guilty. However my helper has become my secret weapon in order to continue my passion in design & my normal life as a working adult. I couldn’t imagine juggling motherhood, work and business.

Another exciting news is that Diary & Design Wedding is expanding! We are currently undergoing corporate restructuring, so don’t worry if you can’t get to the website. We are still around, but it will not be the same anymore. It’s gonna be better! Yay!

So here’s a sneak peak of what I am currently is up to. A little greeting for our lovely readers.

Wish you a lovely and fabulous year ahead!

HAPPY NEW YEAR2-SMALLPhoto courtesy of : Ian Photography & Rosette Designs

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