Real Wedding: Jeremy & Cheryl

It is a custom in most Chinese families to have a proper wedding dinner banquet. Especially in Singapore, where we are based, hotel dinner banquet is the norm. They comes with a convenient package of food, decor, wedding favor and even invitation. Which can be dummy-proof and a very safe option to save money (or spend more depending on how you see it) and for fuss-free couple. However, increasingly we see couple putting more effort and heart into their wedding banquet.

We are featuring one of our client’s wedding, Jeremy & Cheryl. Their wedding embodies the good example of mixing their personality in the traditional setting. Adding their whimsical personality  into the Victorian setting of the Four Seasons ballroom, shows that they’re a fun and loving couple.We designed this board for them, Classy with a Twist. Jeremy who is also a designer himself, wants to have a well-designed, well-coordinated wedding matching their personality.


Here’s the actual wedding montage:


Instead of the usual flower centerpiece, we had a bowl full of windmills doubling up as wedding favors.


The reception area doubled up as solemnisation venue before the the rest of guests flocks in.

ROM Four Season

Fancy those backdrop stands in the red carpet event that printed the event or company’s name? Why don’t you do it for your own wedding. Jeremy & Cheryl had their names printed all over the photobooth. Talking about branding your own wedding.


The other special items are the wishing table with vintage typewriter for the guests to type or paper to write in their wishes for the couple.


Who says photo gallery can only display pictures? We brought in a vintage cupboard to display their memorable mementos to share with the guest.

love corner

photo gallery

We did the bird theme for their stationery and it carries on to their birdcage angbao box.


This wedding proves to us that even a hotel banquet wedding can be fun and personalized. It was really nice working with such a creative and lively couple.

Please check out our gallery here for more portfolio & our Facebook page!

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