Introducing Our New Website!

Finally our website is up and running!! After a long period of juggling everyday work and designing this website, finally I can proudly say, “Please go to our website!”

The link is

Inspired by a French memory board that I saw in Europe during our honeymoon, this design doesn’t really follow the typical look of a website. I always love pinning my inspiration on a board and while now we have Pinterest to do it digitally, the analog form of an inspiration still holds dear to my heart. So, this is my way to share my obsession of a gorgeous board. The look of the website is non-traditional, fun and whimsical. It reflects on our taste and value in designing every wedding. It should be fun and pretty, without losing your own identity.


Please feel free to click the polaroid icon inside to lead you to different directory.

Start from About Us, a short introduction on who we are and a link to meet the founder and principal designer, (ehem…) Hellen Lie. As most of you might know (or not) that I co-founded Diary & Design Wedding together with a fellow planner. Cut the story short, starting this year, Diary & Design Wedding is no longer in operation and both of us have move on with our own things. So this is my thingy now! Nothing changed, the passion is still the same (even stronger) and the works still fabulous.. the best part, the team remain intact and ready to do bigger and prettier weddings.

About Us

Meet Hellen Lie


The Gallery page is inspired by Photo Gallery that we often do for our client, with clothes pegs clipping the pictures.

Wedding Gallery1-2



Sp please check it out and let us know what do you think about it!


Hellen Lie

One thought on “Introducing Our New Website!

  1. Hi Helen,

    To be honest, I actually chanced by this blog while searcing for DIY items. I really love Teal & Coral and absolutely like the layout of this blog as well as what you have for Rosette Design website! I am also a designer who’s trying to find my niche in this creative industry cos it’s such a vast spectrum. I’ve experience as in-house designer as well as in design studio/agency but it seems I haven’t really found the right calling or right designer fit, if you know what I mean.

    Ever since I got married recently in Jan 2013, I pondered over how & what I can do to make it better and really wish to explore more of this area. I know you’ve started this business with like-minded & experienced people but if you may consider expanding or hiring another designer on board, I was hoping if I could be given an opportunity to try it out. Freelance level is fine.

    By the way, the Pinterest & Facebook link in the Contact of your website is swapped.

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