Rosette Designs & Co: Classic Chic Styling Part II

On one fine day, in Rosette Designs & Co compound, when we are feeling a little nostalgic and romantic… we decided to roll up our sleeves and dress up, by digging up our black and white collection and do a little styling.


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Here in Rosette Designs & Co, we have a common obsession. We love Black and White. Stripes, checkered, chevron.. love love love…Black and white can’t go wrong. It is listed in one of Kate Spade’s 20 Inspiration Yearbook.

But of course, only the brave ones embrace it for a wedding. Please see our works in our website here.



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“If you are lucky enough to have lived in Paris as a young man, then wherever you go for the rest of your life it stays with you, for Paris is a moveable feast” – this quote by Ernest Hemingway might be one of the thousands reasons why everybody adores the idea of Paris. While the city itself might not be as romantic as the mental image, we are still spellbound by the idea of eloping to the City of Love.

If you are keen to do a Paris-theme wedding, please focus on one specific era of the Parisian life. Whether it is Belle Epoque, the Chanel-era, Renaissance, they have distinct characteristics that separates them from each other. Another way, is to focus on the city itself and it’s beauty.

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We created this lovely arrangement that housed the silhouette of one of our couple. Love how it turns out.. graphically poetic..


Introducing our best steals yet, emerging from one of the vintage flea market in Singapore.. this mellowing fellow has been a regular resident in our decor line up.

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There’s something romantic about the idea of writing letter on a typewriter, which leads to the trend of having it on a wedding. Although this trend was popular around 2-3 years ago, people still loves it. I used it for my own wedding and for my clients. Vintage won’t go out of style.


What puzzles me is the fake-all metal-China-made-typewriter that actually mimic real typewriter…

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But having a typewriter is good just for the display sake… because when I tried to type a letter using my retro Olympia, it frustrates me! Where’s the backspace key??!

Guess I’m not ready to give up my digital life.

Now, lets step aside from the mellow zone to an after party of Minty Dessert!


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We love seafoam or minty of tiffany color.. they are look-alikes.. and they bring the same feelings.. coolness personified.

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