Rosette Designs & Co: Ladder of LOVE

Recently, we acquired a new addition to our carefully-curated-props collection in a very sublime and spontaneous manners. I popped by one of my favorite shop in a corner of Bugis area and the owner just happened to change the display set. The old one, which is a vintage wooden ladder, was tucked at a corner. I always wanted to add a ladder to our collection, so I asked if that ladder for sale, just trying my luck, because I asked before and it wasn’t for sale. Lucky me! Not only it is for sale, they even gave me a generous discount! Yay! Always love to spot a gem and grab it!

So, it inspired me to do a photo shoot just for that. Hope you guys enjoy the pictures as much as I do styling it! Don’t forget to check out our website here.

Pictures taken by: me! First time I attempted to do a photo shoot on my own. I think it’s not that bad..


Wouldn’t it be nice if your guest is greeted by these gorgeous setup? This setup is perfect for vintage theme or rustic theme.


Another vintage find: 1940s Make Up Luggage from England, complete with the bottle inside. The handmade doilies envelope is our pride & joy. Because of this tutorial, we have been featured in 100 Layer Cake, Vintage Bride (US popular blog). We also sell it under Rosette Designs & Co, but it is subject to availability because the doilies are from US.



I have to admit, I owned too much Pazzion shoes. Can’t resist their charms! Since Kate Spade shoes are beyond my pocket’s reach, these Pazzion shoes are good substitutes.


You can find these nice little tag in Monoyono, Plaza Singapura. I love spending time and getting inspired by these cute knicks knacks shop.

pic04 copy


pic05 copy



These Bride & Groom signage was done for our couple’s wedding whose theme is Back To School. So we created a handwriting line as a little twist.



Love these cute little ceramic bunnies.. we can paint them any color you want!


This glass box on the right is a custom made wedding favor for one of the classiest bride I’ve ever known.

pic12It’s a wrap! See you in our next photo shoot!

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