Wedding Venue: Raffles House @ Fort Canning Park

Planning for an outdoor wedding in Singapore can be quite a challenge, since we are people of comfort and convenience. Location can be a hassle when it comes to a tranquil & breezy place. Only a few places can offer the natural outdoor ambiance without having to warm MRT seats for more than an hour to get there. Fort Canning Park is one of the top venue. We, in Rosette Designs & Co, have been blessed to have covered almost all wedding venues available in Fort Canning Park.

Mostly they are plain outdoor venue without shelter, so wedding couple need to spend on the marquee for wet weather plan. However, one venue offer both outdoor and indoor function hall with aircon, plus an authentic historical building ambiance.

Here are the pictures of the indoor building:


(pic via Singapore Lost & Find)


Here is the picture of what it can achieved:


Pic via National Parks Board

Personally I think this place is quite ideal for intimate wedding for 60-80 pax indoor and with additional marquee on the lawn, you can add up to 120-150 pax.

There are some limitations to the outdoor venue in Raffles House, and there are ways to overcome them, and we will show you some ideas!

The first time I lay my eyes on Raffles House is because of this picture:


It looks vast and grand with lots of greenery. Winston immediately fell in love with this picture! He even mentioned it on his post 4 years ago here.

The reality is that the place is more raw (still wonderfully green and beautiful):


We did a decent job some years back to decorate solemnization area, with white bench, wedding arch and nice chair signage.


We tried ribbon streamers for the tree, but personally I kinda thought it will be better without it. At least, the ” J” & “L” will get all the attention it deserves.


So we have the nice Raffles House tree, and we need to enhance it and make it stand out more, here’s how we can do it:

The best is to use hanging lighting or fairy lights:


or if you have extra budget for this, even better!


But fairy lights can be tricky (with the power requirement) and costly. How about injecting some elegance touch to the ol’ tree?

fabric-tree-wedding-ceremony-decorvia VenueSafari (nice article on amazing ceremony backdrop )

Another approach is to go whimsy! Prepare to burn some midnight oil to do the handmade flower. One of our brides really did 100+ paper flowers (under our tutorial & art direction) by hand in less than a month! Salute!



What a stunning view to behold!

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