Invitation to Share Your Wedding Journey

CMCalling all the brides-to-be or grooms-to-be who are willing to or looking for an avenue to share their wedding journey and share some tips for others! We would love to have you write on our blog as guest bloggers and continue this legacy of indie, non-profit wedding blog. We are not looking for polished and capable writers, just a genuine heart will do and a willingness to share.

(Hello, I’m terrible in my grammar, many of my editors can vouch for that…)

I’m sure many of you have encountered this moment, where you find such an awesome idea for a wedding and thought one day I will create a blog to share this to the world. and…. nothing happens.

You may not know what I’m talking about but it happened to me too many times! With the list of weddings we had, it’s impossible to write about them like I did on mine. Honestly, the person that cared the most of the wedding, i think should be the couple, and not other vendors.

So here we are passing the baton to our next couple, opening this door for any (genuine) bride & groom to share their stories!

Please email us at with your names (B&G), wedding details, write something about your love story, how you two met, how he/she proposed, and what your wedding ideas were liked or going to be!

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