Savannah’s 1st Birthday Bash! by Rosette’s Little Precious

Still can’t believe that this moment will come. Our previous baby will turn 1 this month. Plus we will hold another party of ours in 3 weeks time! It might sounds crazy, let alone actually going through it, but we, in Rosette Designs & Co, have weddings for almost every weekend till God knows when! Not that I’m complaining (in contrast, I enjoy it so much!), but party planning become second nature to us. So in one night, I decided to halt all the other weddings that I’m working on and focus on my baby’s party.

And, yes, we are launching our baby shower-kids-party line very soon! Savannah’s birthday is going to be the pilot project for the theme kids party, in Rosette’s style. Gone are the days that you only have Superheroes theme or loud colors for kids’ party! True to our tag line, we’ll make your kids’ party, pinterest-worthy one!

Sneak peak to Sava’s party :


Our team is in the midst of firming up the package, so hold your horses and wait for its official launch!

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