Rosette’s Little Precious: Savannah’s First B’day Bash

The first week of August was a pretty hectic week for us, due to our baby’s first birthday party and a wedding. Once again, our team is tested to meet the demand, but in the end we passed with flying colors! We have posted the inspiration board here. The venue is in Blisshouse, Central, Clarke Quay. We chose this place because of its green carpet, an instant garden feel that we envisioned. Also they have an awesome baby shower package that fits our budget.


It was also the pilot project for Rosette’s Little Precious. We are launching our second line for baby shower and kids party in Rosette’s style, which translate to pretty and gorgeous party. We understand that although kids are stimulated by bright and primary colors, we can also train their sense of style since young. We give alternative option to have a pretty kids party. Please visit our Facebook page here

For enquiries, please email :

So here are the pictures for your viewing pleasure.

IMG_6210 copy

The guests are welcome with this pretty signage.

Sava’s 2 aunties, Irene & Imelda prepared the wishing booth. The fairy lights are ready to welcome the guests.


The artificial tree is an ideal place to display our watercolor drawings. The bottom elephant & rabbit drawing was painted by our team member, Dora.

Loresimg_3638 copy

Wishing booth is not only for wedding! It could be a nice spot for the guests to ponder their wishes for the lovely baby.

IMG_6199 copy

IMG_6239 copy

The guests took turn to write the wishes and pasted it on the blackboard.

IMG_6253 copy

The dessert bar with 2 tier ombre cake, rosette cookies and cake pops

Loresimg_3699 copy

Loresimg_3689 copy

Loresimg_3685 copy

Me and Clarissa made these flowers the night before. It was such a treat to be able to choose our own flowers without worrying about the budget! A perk of being your own clients.

IMG_6205 copy

IMG_6226 copy

IMG_6270 copy

Vintage storybooks were used as elevation for the centerpiece.

IMG_6271 copy

We used white & yellow chrysanthemum balls, pink eustoma, white & pink carnation spray, pink dianthus, wax flower, million stars, white peacock, yellow craspedia, pink aster, eucalyptus. No restriction in the style, but the objective is just one: to create an arrangement as if the flowers were plucked from our garden.

Loresimg_3639 copy

Another important feature of the party is the milestone in Sava’s first year. We wanted to show the pictures in storytelling way, so the guests could see the development. She is truly a miracle baby, having survived the difficult initial stages of her life.

Loresimg_3724 copy

Loresimg_3775 copy

I will post the story in the next post.

Loresimg_3947 copy

The proud parents of Savannah Grace

Loresimg_3904 copy

My best friend, Katryn (owner of Pemberley Paperie) & her husband, Arie flew all the way from Jakarta to attend Savannah’s first birthday party.

Loresimg_3884 copy

Loresimg_3877 copy

Loresimg_3825 copy

Her pink shoes has her name engraved on the sole, thanks to her Auntie, Trisia.

Can’t get enough of the pictures! For information on baby shower and kids party, please email Riska or Hellen at

Don’t forget to like us in our Facebook page!

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