Decor Element: Chalkboard Art by Dana Tanamachi

I wanted to name the headlines “A Current Trend : Chalkboard Art” but it isn’t exactly right. In fact hand lettering in chalkboard has been around for years and thanks to the this gorgeous wedding last year, this trend just spreads like a wildfire on wedding blogs.

(You can see the rest of this wedding here)

I am attempting to do it for our coming wedding at Rosette Designs & Co! Stay tune!


This oh-so-gorgeous-wedding backdrop was created by Dana Tanamachi, one of the designers I admired for a long time, ever since she surfaced in Design Sponge and blogs. I first saw her works in O magazine and design blogs. Single-handedly she makes hand lettering so cool! Typography and lettering is not the same and if you want to know the difference between the two school of thoughts, click here!

uploaded-file-72138Anyway, it was a breath of fresh air away from the digital prints & computer-generated artwork. I’ve quickly become enamored with her works.

danablog2 uploaded-file-02362





Furthermore her methods is very organic, she draws with her instinct and makes changes on the spot. I thought there must be a digital involvement somewhere, maybe create it in Illustrator then have it blown by projection and trace it. But, to my surprise, none of the usual trick was used in her projects!

She just have her sketch and go with the flow. So inspiring!

You can see her creative process here.

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