Real Wedding: A Hipster & Non-traditional Wedding @ Marmalade Pantry at the Stables

In the past few years, we have done close to 70 wedding projects (that’s a lot of weddings!) but I have never encountered a couple like Shawn & Ginette.

First, they choose to have their wedding at the start of the ghost month simply because it coincides with the eve of long weekend break in Singapore. That speaks a lot about this unique Chinese Singaporean couple.

While most couples prefer to play it safe by having the traditional wedding ceremonial items, Ginette & Shawn is rather different because they wanted their wedding to look and feel like a gallery opening reception with people mingling and chatting, having light bites or meat carving from the live station and a lot of booze, for sure. It really suits the hipster crowd. With 90s music rocking the party, a unique video was playing on a plasma TV. Usually couple will put their wedding pictures or their pictures in the loop but instead they shot a video of their cat at home and put it on loop. No pictures of them anywhere. I think that’s rather original, isn’t it?

The creative brief they gave me was “Lights” so we proposed fairy lights, lots of fairy lights, hundreds of candles in mason jars and Ginette wanted the rustic tin feel, perfected by wild flowers. Since Ginette is a graphic design lecturer (She taught Irene (my sister) & Ian  from Ian Photography in LASALLE) and fashion designer, she knows exactly what she wants, every detail from the font for the signage to the type of flower in the tins. I totally understand her creative approach. I’d say it is a collaboration project, masterminded by the bride.

As much as we want to create an creative wedding in every event, we are limited to the client’s approval. It’s given in every design project. Hence, it’s nice to work with like-minded design brain. Once in awhile when such opportunity occurs, we will grab it as it gives us personal satisfaction and the confidence that the outcome is going to be fabulous.

So here’s the pictures of this wedding: (more pictures in our Facebook page)Image

The tins were sprayed in copper shade. ImageImage

We collected jars in months leading up to the wedding. Finally managed to collect almost 200++ jars and dozen of tins. Did a few of rounds of approval for the rope tassels. Finally the brief is completed and the client is satisfied with the outcome.Image


Posing with the elated bride.Image



A Stomptrooper left his mask at the reception. (hint: the groom was last seen holding it)


Ginette requested for ombre tassels rope as chair decor. After many rounds of trial & error, the hard work is paid off. The neon dip dyed looks so chic against the wooden chair.Image


Since the theme is lights, the appearance of fairy lights and candles are crucial.ImageImageImageImageImageThe Signage:



The result is this:


That’s my High Distinction.

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