Real Wedding: Maria & Eddie @Jewel Box

The peak season for weddings are here! We have been busy like a bumblebee, so please pardon us if we churn out very little posts these past months. I actually have a big news to share but I will keep it till the busy period subside. We have really interesting weddings ahead of us, from a Village rustic wedding up in the hill to Carnival-theme wedding in a ballrooom, to Peranakan-grand wedding at the end of the year. Exciting times! Plus we have a few additional manpower who came from you guys, the readers! I never know how much our blog has reached our audience, until during the wedding show in Hotel Fort Canning Park, a couple came up to us and asked Winston, “Are you Winston? Where is Hellen?” Turned out they have been following our blog for inspiration for one year!

I feel like a mini-celebrity, haha! Well, ain’t Internet wonderful? That we can feel close with someone and know their inner voice by reading their blog, even though we have never met before. I know I do.

Well enough about me (because I can blab for hours.. but now, I need to prepare for a Travel-themed wedding for tomorrow!)

Here’s the snapshots of Maria & Eddie’s wedding. Maria, an Indonesian-born fashion designer, married to Eddie, a Singaporean in a stylish and one-of-a-kind wedding because the theme is so apt for Autumn season! Anytime a bride is willing to import golden wheats, dried lavender and acorns from the States deserves my applause. They gave us the direction and materials to work with, we translated it with our own creative language. The result: Better than expected!


Handmade bouquet from wheat


Table centerpiece filled with jute runner, gold wine bottle, couple’s picture, wheat, lavender and dried baby’s breath


Menu design and table setting


Basking in the glorious sunset and blue sky. Are we in Singapore or Hudson Valley?


The creative guest writing poster. It will be a pretty wall decoration at their lovely home.


Handmade angbao box.


A ceremony pack, prepared by the bride that contains water bottle, bubbles, glitter confetti and of course, fan ceremony programme!



The ceremony packs sit nicely on the chairs waiting for the guests.

Ever see a bronze baby breath? We sprayed the baby’s breath flash gold to match the theme.




Love how the sun agreed with the whole decor. We were worried about the weather and yet God decided that sunny weather suits their wedding, best. I couldn’t agree more.


The lovely bride cascaded from the stairs with her mother.


Super cute sign held by a super cute boy!



The lovely couple!IMG_5359

VIP table centerpiece.


The night scene.


The bride couldn’t held her tears listening to her Maid of Honor speech. It was a perfect moment.

This wedding is special, not only because it looks picture perfect at the wedding day, but because before this day, everything was in chaos and despair. The bride and groom almost decided to cancel off the wedding a few days before the wedding because they felt hopeless and disappointed with the outcome of the newly-renovated venue. The new look of the venue was far off from the original rustic look they have signed up for. Not to mention the stormy weather and pouring rain days before that, making this open concept venue, a potential event disaster.

I spared you the details. We managed to convince the couple to move forward, believing that it will be as beautiful as they have envisioned. True enough, it was. All glory to God.

My advice for any couples getting married, you can do the best of your ability to prepare for the wedding, but when the day comes, just let go and let God. Prepare to be pleasantly surprised.

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