Tips on Getting into The Nouveau Trend of Weddings – Part 1

Wedding has been always a significant milestone in everyone’s life, whether you are rich or poor, tall or short, hold a corporate 9-to-6 job or dwell in the creative land. Over the years, we have seen weddings evolved and changed from a mere traditional ceremony to more of a visual avenue self-expression. Especially here in Asia where weddings are often view as a family affair in lieu of pleasing the parents. This trend has been led by the meteoric rise of wedding blogs and the couple themselves being more inspired to have a personalized beautiful wedding. Pinterest and visual social media such as Instagram, heightened the visibility of creative event. With inspiration so readily available, couples are far more informed and aesthetically inclined than ever before.

While this trend, originally spurred by designer couples getting married (they took this opportunity as a creative outlet to show off their personality and talent.. at least I speak for myself), now it has caught up with everyone else. More and more we see unconventional weddings in Singapore with special theme and look. If you would like to jump in the bandwagon, here are some of the inspiration and tips:


How to be original when everything has been done under the sun? The answer is within yourself! You and your partner are unique. Although maybe you really like those rustic vintage wedding you have seen in Green Wedding Shoes , please inject your own flavor into the design. Think what inspires you. What do you like, what does your partner like? We always start our first design session, by asking these question.

Jessica really likes butterfly and burst of colors. So we designed a whole stationery set and decor based on this idea. Butterfly garland at the couple’s chair.


Or you love music? What kind of music? Madeline & Surinder grew up in the 70’s, so we proposed to have a retro music theme. It was a blast!

Madeline & Surinder

or are you the only “G” & ” S” there is?


or Aldo & Sean?


For this Thai & Singaporean couple, we created an elephant icon as their main design & brought in tuk tuk as the photobooth!

Screen Shot 2014-05-26 at 2.16.53 pm



Or are you a cat lover? We created a cat icon for this lovely couple and incorporate them in the whole decor theme including the giant photobooth backdrop

WeiXiang Peifen-Invitation-v4path

Weixiang n Peifen_088

Weixiang n Peifen_096


Best if you could consider the theme before deciding on the venue. If you love to have a nautical theme, have it somewhere related. Go for yacht wedding, boat wedding or go for One Degree 15 Marina.

Regina and Liqun_004


Regina and Liqun_018 copy

Steword at Riverboat


Beach wedding via Pinterest 

Below is the wedding in Raffles House, Fort Canning Park, Singapore



Mississippi Wedding Flowers Cool Sign

Garden wedding via Pinterest


Tiffany garden wedding in Singapore (our own wedding!).


Or why not invite only the most important people and get married in the City of Love, Paris?


Start creating a moodboard with your favorite colors and cataloguing them, either in Pinterest or in your computer. It’s also easy to browse through the gorgeous images through Instagram. If you haven’t own your Pinterest account, this is the best time to capitalise it. You can add “Pin It” button on your browser so whenever you found inspiration you can add it to your board.

If you don’t know what I am talking about, please consider signing up to our Rosette One: Design & Decor package (haha..)

Unless you decided to have rainbow wedding, stick to two colors or three.


via Burnett’s Board

You can use color as the main theme.

or three color combination, yellow-blue-pink, for doze of youthful bash?



This fuschia & grey are the main colors of the blogger Ju Ann & Peter’s wedding that we styled last year.





These are the basic ingredient to create a unique wedding experience that reflects your taste. This is just the beginning! We will unfold more practical tips in Part 2 !

Stay tuned!

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