Real Wedding : Perry & Sharon {Travel theme}

We have been busy planning, coordinating and designing some of the most interesting weddings. Every wedding has a different look, simply because they are for a different couple! No two weddings should look the same.
This lovely couple, Perry & Sharon are two international love birds, mixing heritage from Singapore, Malaysia, Taiwan and Indonesia descent. You do the math, there’s one country for each set of parents. So naturally the theme should be something closer to their heart, which is TRAVEL theme. I have seen increasing interest in this theme, so we welcomed this theme by letting our creative brain juice flow. Usually this theme will tends towards a bluish tone, due to the association with the map and airmail color.
However, the couple wanted to respect their Chinese tradition (and not to offend the elderly) by omitting the blue and pumping up the red colour. We hardly have red as the main color of a wedding, because of the association with traditional Chinese wedding culture. However it became an awesome tone when we proposed a vintage travel theme to match. Here’s their inspiration board:


and here’s their wedding pictures:

Starting from the reception, red angbao box and globe for wishes were ready to greet the guests.



We proposed a decor corner to showcase the theme. It served as a dessert bar and photo gallery, but the main purpose is to be eye candy! #eyecandy at our Instagram @rosettedesignsco

Perry n Sharon_009


We brought in a hot air balloon model to compliment the theme:

Perry n Sharon_010

Perry n Sharon_011


Perry n Sharon_012

Perry n Sharon_013

Perry n Sharon_014

Perry n Sharon_031

So much for the reception area! Don’t forget the decoration on the inside of the ballroom.



The couple initially engaged us only for the decoration but a few months before the wedding, they started to worry about the programme flow and the coordination portion. They decided to add in our coordination service! They are not the first couple who did that. In fact, most of our decor clients decided to take up our coordination service once they feel the pressure of running the wedding event. While it’s nice to have a gorgeous looking wedding, we found that the bride and groom are usually too stressed or too distracted to enjoy the decoration on their wedding day. Having a professional team of coordinators ensure you of having a smooth running event, without having to stress anybody including yourself.

Although I (Hellen) am a wedding designer and stylist and I’m proud of my work during the actual day, I have to say that our couple will thank our coordinators first on a job well done. At the end, no matter how awesome the decoration are, wedding is still about the whole event. Make sure you have somebody coordinating your wedding. If that happened to be your friend, make sure you brief them properly and treat them with a fat angbao!



For the guest table, we use city names as the table indication. The couple ensembled 3D landmark for each city. Take a pick on your favorite city!




10435987_794206227297219_83012873121999655_n 10426323_794206353963873_3193335495575284629_n 10410803_794206453963863_1123077611064754493_n 10405551_794206197297222_4980363039036394994_n 10347483_794206193963889_1204833786538979969_n 1044693_794206277297214_6668909615030946185_n

It always a joy when the couple thank us during their thank you speech. Even more so, when we were the first one that the couple thanked. It feels good knowing that our effort is appreciated.

Perry n Sharon_114 Perry n Sharon_117

Photo credit goes to Awesome Memories Photography 


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