Real Wedding: Stacy & Wee Lim.

We are excited to showcase this beautiful wedding of a couple who are both doctors in the same field. Our bride wanted a garden-fell wedding against the elegant and majestic dome shaped ballroom of Capella. We worked our magic to turn the ballroom into a beautiful garden with greeneries, lush flowers and fairy lights. While more than half of the guests were in the respected medical field, they were spontaneous when we presented basket of fun props for the photo taking table-to-table. It was a wonderful event and we’re glad to be  part of Stacy & Wee Lim’s special day before they moved to Berlin! We are also pleased to received their positive feedback about the decoration. Here’s their testimony:

Dear Hellen,

Thank to you to you, Winston and your wonderful team for all the hard work you put in for our wedding.

ALL the feedback we received from our friends and families were positive! they loved the decor, in particular the flower arrangements along the aisles and on the tables.

In particular, I liked the wishing tree idea a lot.

My dad and Wee Lim were pleased with the scheduling of the event and how Winston ensured everything followed the schedule so that we did not overrun too much. We also felt that you guys did a great job synchronising with the Capella people.

Wee Lim and I would not hesitate to recommend your team to our friends (actually we already have to a few couples haha!)

Thank you so much once again for everything you guys have done for us!

God bless and warmest regards,

Stacy and Wee Lim.

Reading this kind of positive feedback always makes our team feels all hard work is worthwhile! Hope you guys will enjoy the photos below!
Wee Lim n Stacy_001
Wee Lim n Stacy_002Wee Lim n Stacy_004

Wee Lim n Stacy_005

Wee Lim n Stacy_007Wee Lim n Stacy_009

Wee Lim n Stacy_011

Wee Lim n Stacy_013

Wee Lim n Stacy_016

Wee Lim n Stacy_022

Wee Lim n Stacy_026

Wee Lim n Stacy_024

Wee Lim n Stacy_028

Wee Lim n Stacy_030

Wee Lim n Stacy_032

Wee Lim n Stacy_035

Wee Lim n Stacy_038

Wee Lim n Stacy_037

Wee Lim n Stacy_041

Wee Lim n Stacy_043

Wee Lim n Stacy_044

Wee Lim n Stacy_047

Wee Lim n Stacy_049

Wee Lim n Stacy_048

Wee Lim n Stacy_058

Wee Lim n Stacy_061

Wee Lim n Stacy_064

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