Brief Introduction DIY Kit : How It Started


When I was pregnant, I faced a dilemma that I think most of you can relate to. Which type of celebrations should follow to welcome my baby?

As (Indonesian) Chinese, the natural celebration is man yue, which celebrates the baby’s first month. But, having a hybrid culture, the  western baby shower is also an option, which usually falls on the late second trimester or early third trimester. There is also Javanese traditional celebration, which falls on the seventh month of pregnancy (nujuh bulanan) – while it’s not one of my options, it’s interesting to observe.

Every celebration has its own merits. And I’ve been through – by personal experience or through a friend’s account – a number of them. I’ll just briefly explain each of them.

For Baby Sava and Aiden, we had man yue that follow my confinement period. Man yue celebrates the birth of a healthy child.  The occasion introduces the baby to the family and friends. Usually, typical food served is marked by red colour to express happiness. Man yue is celebrated at the birth of every child, and both men and women are invited.


ang ku kue

The western baby shower celebrates the turning point in a woman’s life, when she will become a mother. Usually only women are invited to the baby shower, where these women will ‘shower’ the mother-to-be with gifts to prepare her for motherhood. The guests will also impart wisdom and tips. Traditionally diapers in a formed of cake is presented, together with finger food, anything from cupcakes to tea are served.


Baby baptism or christening is another type of celebration that probably started the western baby shower tradition. The celebration is a symbolic one, whereby the parents present the child to God and vow to raise the child with Christian values. Families and friends are invited. Usually jordan almonds or dragees are passed in a basket or little pouches as favours. Dragees as baby shower favor is originated from France. Our handmade pouch was featured on Mother and Baby as well as the dragees from Hediard.

Mother and Baby September 2014 Issue

Finally, Nujuh Bulanan (literally, seventh month) is a very traditional celebration, mostly celebrated by a Javanese family. This is more like a ceremony, because of the rituals involved. It usually starts with the shower ritual, where the mother-to-be would be showered with flower water (siraman). Seven prayers would ensue, led by the parents and the closest of the families. There is also egg ritual, cutting of the string ritual and many others to symbolise a smooth delivery and the transition to becoming a mother. In this ceremony, the father-to-be is also involved in the process.

This by no means is the exhaustive list of baby welcome traditions. The arrival of a child in any family brings. I find that in any of the celebrations I attended, hope is a common string together with happiness, love and, of course, good food.

Some people prefer the elaborate baby showers because they can afford the luxury of time. But for some other, convenience is key because  they prefer to dedicate their time to do other things. When we have to be confined for a month after the baby was born, how can we running around and source for these items!

I found Rosette’s Little Precious as an answer to couples, who (like me) prefer the convenience of a party styling kit that they can put together themselves, so their time can be dedicated to other matters on hand, such as catching up on sleep, learning the baby’s feeding pattern, the party guestlist, etc. It is as easy as one click of a button and the package will delivered to your house! I wish I have this option when I’m doing my kids’ baby shower!

But whichever type of celebrations you will have, it doesn’t hurt to have a gorgeously styled party ready in an instant.

Girl Baby Shower Kit -Ready Made

If you are as excited as I am, join our countdown for the ‘arrival’ of my ‘fourth child’ on instagram: or on our You can also put down your name at if you wish to be notified sooner.


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