Newly arrived: Rosette’s Little Precious

I’m really excited for you to meet Rosette’s Little Precious: our DIY baby shower styling kit. It’s been a great learning and eventful journey since we started with Rosette & Co and I am humbled to have received numerous enquiries to decorate baby showers which we had to regretfully turn down then,

Now, my dream to provide baby party decor has finally come true with the help of LemonyKit!

Teaming up with the girls  from LemonyKit, we decided to start with two basic collections: a warm floral pink and a nautical themed blue. Each item in the DIY kit was thoughtfully designed by us, and most are crafted by small women-started businesses in Jakarta.

Here’s inside each DIY Kit:

Warm Pink:

Little Precious DIY baby shower Kit
Little Precious DIY baby shower Kit in warm floral pink

Nautical Blue:

Little Precious DIY baby shower Kit
Little Precious DIY baby shower Kit in nautical blue

Learning from the enquiries and feedback I get, we know that we need to provide pinterest worthy decorations (our aim!) on a budget and also to make it effortless for you to set-up. So, the basic items that you’ll need for the baby shower like the table cloth, paper cups and paper plates are now made to look fully customised and have become great elements of the decor. The paper cups can also be labelled so that guests will have a cup each and can work as a placecard too. Each kit is designed to host up to 50 people.

We also don’t want you to throw away the party decorations, that is such a waste!  With our kit, you may reuse the bunting, hanging mobiles and table cloth for the nursery or as home décor .The DIY kit also provides enough serveware, napkins and cutleries; keep the rest if there are extras, for a second party!

We are so excited to share this solve-your-baby-shower-decor kit and start the pre-order ! The first shipment will arrive by 15 November! We’ll start off with the pre-order now at S$199 (usual price S$249). 

This means the decoration cost for each guest at your baby shower is just $4!

In case you need more customised items, we are working on adding a few optional items, such as straws, favour pouches (as seen in mother & babies), a dessert bar and a photobooth. We can also refer our photographer Awesome Memories Photography to capture your awesome memories!

From now till 20th October 2014, the first 10 buyers will get a customised name bunting:

Name bunting in Pink
Customised name bunting in Pink
Name bunting in blue
Customised name bunting in blue

Pre-order now at

More questions? Ask us at

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