Rosette Picks: Top 5 favourite wedding themes of 2015

I cannot believe half of the first month of the New Year is gone. Where did all the time go!?

2015 was an exciting year for us. We revamped our Website and Blog, and transited from a home office in Pulau Punggol to the heart of Singapore’s Art & Heritage district – Bras Basah.

For the benefit of our overseas readers, the Bras Basah.Bugis Precinct is the arts and heritage district in Singapore’s civic centre, and home to museums and monuments.

In the last 3 weeks, as our Team met to plan ahead for 2016, we had fun looking back and reminiscing the many beautiful moments we helped create in the past year.

So we thought we share some of our personal favourite themes in 2015:


A countryside feel with a tinge of elegance – that’s what rustic feels like.

Think burlap, beautiful hand-lettering on wooden signages, fairy lights, some sunshine, natural organics, and you’re on the right track to a Rustic style wedding.

If a couple leaves all creative direction to us, I think we’ll like to go crazy with foliage and garland. Bronze, gold, greens and nature always add subtle elegance to the setting. Seriously – what’s not to love about Rustic and the cozy, personal and intimate feels that’s almost a guarantee?

Couple: Carl & Ling

Venue: Alkaff Mansion

Photography: Samuel Goh Photography


Photo Gallery


Couple: Jolene & Matthew

Venue: The White Rabbit


Couple: Rachel & Dalton

Venue: Riders Cafe




Blush Pink

For every girl who wants to be a Princess (myself, included) – I blame Disney.

Having a dreamy,  classic princess-like wedding is definitely almost every girl’s childhood dream. And when better to fulfill that dream than at your very own fairy-tale wedding!  The combination of champagne, rose gold, white and shades of light pink brings about a dreamy atmosphere overflowing with sweetness. This is the go-to theme if you’re looking for a romantic and blissful vibe for your Big Day.

Couple: Matthew & Kate




Couple: Derek & Fiona

Venue: Alkaff Mansion

Photography: Samuel Goh Photography



Couple: Imelda & Hung

Venue: Crowne Plaza @ Changi

Photography: Knottin’ Visuals



Gatsby Glam

Thank you Leonardo DiCaprio and Team for bringing back Old Hollywood Glamour, now affectionately known as Gatsby Glam.

Bold colours like Black, Red, Gold, Burgundy and materials like sequins, velvet, feathers and pearls are a must for a glamorous wedding looking to ooze grandeur and opulence. Very atas, indeed.

Couple: Azhar & Alexis

Venue: Flower Dome @ Gardens by The Bay

Photography: Awesome Memories Photography


Azhar & Alexis_by Awesome Memories


Couple: Jack & Xuefang

Venue: Shangri-La Hotel

Photography: Awesome Memories Photography

Jack n Xuefang Wedding Day_157
Feathers can make a great accompaniment to flower centrepieces


Winter Elegance

Who says you cannot have a winter-inspired wedding in Sunny Singapore? Most popular during the last few months of the year, this theme brings about bare branches and luminous, icy white from the great outdoors, indoors.

Don’t underestimate the power of white. White can be elegant, mystical and polished at the same time, and can definitely turn any ballroom into a dramatic setting.

Couple: Darrell & Wenny

Venue: Novotel


Screen Shot 2016-01-19 at 5.19.02 pm


Couple: Derek & Fiona

Venue: Alkaff Mansion

Photography: Samuel Goh Photography

Paper Flowers

Using paper flowers has always been common amongst DIY brides but we see this trend emerging stronger than ever before in the past year.

The use of paper flowers is a different and whimsical approach, replacing the conventional fresh and silk flowers we usually use for weddings.

The possibilities are also endless when working with these precious crafts due to the unlimited choices of colours, sizes, and designs that you can customise according to your theme. In the past year, we have seen them been used as Stage backdrops, Wedding arches, and even as an Entrance gate.

Many couples are also surprised to find paper flowers much more expensive than using fresh/silk flowers, with the many hours invested in making just one of them.

We are excited to see if this trend will continue in 2016.

Couple: Alex & Claudia

Venue: Flutes @ The National Museum

Mini bouquet handmade by the bride herself

Paper Flower


Couple: Imelda & Hung

Venue: Crowne Plaza @ Changi

A collaboration with Ektory for the paper flower stage backdrop
Paper flower gate


And there you have it – our top 5 favourite themes of 2015.
Our prediction in 2016 (thank you for asking)? Industrial Chic and Retro Flair get our votes!

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    Please contact me at if you are ok with sharing 🙂

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